Fashion Accessories for our Bichons

25 fabulous projects of must-have items to make for your furry best friend-from coats sweaters and hats to blankets beds and toys. Whether a country canine or an urban pooch your dog will be the chicest hound in town!

You can find this cute little book at Amazon:


Mimi said...

HI Leslie!!!!
Thank you for popping over for a visit to my blog world!!!!I am happy to be following you around!!!How sad about your beloved doggie, it is so sad when a member of the family goes to heaven, even doggie heaven.I have no pets due to my allergies, but I want to get a puppy or doggie so bad, it is on my bucket list, as I have never owned a dog. I think they are truly Man's best friend, or woman's best friend!!!!
How lovely you live in Cal. we LOVE our neighbor to the west!!!
We get over there at least twice a year.Last year it was 3 times!!!!
Let me know when the rains start over there, then I can be prepared for what is coming!!!!haha
My son's girl friends family is here visiting from Michigan and they went up North to visit the Grand Canyon and got SNOWED in!!!! They wanted warm 80 plus weather!!!!
Thanks for the visit, I'll be back often!!!!

Lesley said...

Hi Jamie!
Thanks for visiting my blog. The rain is over for the most part...and spring is here. The flowers are all pretty. Just to let you know Bichons are hypoallergenic meaning they have "hair" unlike other dogs and they don't shed. I have friends who are deathly allergic to everything and they have never had a problem at my house being around my bichons. So, if you get the chance consider a Bichon or bichon-mix. Here is the organization where I found Sam and Lily: It's a great organization and they have people from AZ adopt dogs all the time. Good luck!