Welcome Dixie!

I'd like to introduce little Miss. Dixie! She was born Sept. 9, 2010 and is now 5 months old. Yes, she does look a lot like Baby, and sometimes I wonder if Dixie is Baby reincarnated. It's amazing how similar their personalities are at times. But Dixie's legs are much shorter than Baby's were, and her paws are larger. She also has a larger nose and her ears hang differently.
Dixie is a joy! This picture captures her personality the best. She's inquisitive (in other words...she chews everything), sweet and eager to learn. Half the time she looks at me with a puzzled look and I have to constantly remind myself that everything is new to her. She has no idea what I'm saying but in time she will be on a schedule and be well trained for her and my benefit.
After having Baby for 16 years, it's hard to train a new puppy. I've forgotten everything. Baby was such an angel and could read me like a book. I'm still building my communication abilities with Dixie, but she's doing better with each passing week.
She knows how to sit and that's a big accomplishment with a puppy! I'll post more photos of her as the months pass.

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