Bichon Frise Soldier Handpainted Christmas Tree Ornament

This Christmas tree ornament is my favorite! I found it on in December. It was only $9.50, so I got it. The detail and design did not disappoint me. It's a really beautiful ornament that I plan to use for years to come.
I actually ordered many of the other Bichon ornaments on Amazon and was happy with all my purchases.
Here's more info on it:
  • Charming ornament is perfect for any dog-lover's Christmas tree
  • Hanging cord and gift box included
  • Handpainted resin
  • Approximately 5 inches tall


Stephanie said...

Aww, when I first opened this blog all I saw was cute dog pictures. And not a bad price for a dog nutcracker haha. Is that your dog?

Deirdra said...

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Deirdra said...

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